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Due to their time-intensive nature, we work on websites on a limited basis. Contact us for more information.

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Fallingwater Header

What to Read: Fallingwater Rising by Franklin Toker

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Although I’ve lived in Western Pennsylvania most of my life, I’d never made the trip an hour and a half away to see the masterpiece that is Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater until 3 years ago. Needless to say, I was immediately fascinated by the simply astonishing design of the place. While I work as a

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Don’t Pay $50 for Your Logo

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So yet another “Design Your Logo for $50″ site has popped up. Way to force designers who already have to defend their pricing to clients to further aggravate the issue, “site-that-won’t-be-named”. These sites irk me beyond belief. Good logo and branding design takes time. It takes a personal connection between an artist and the company.

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Things a Graphic Designer Can’t Do

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Graphic designers are a pretty versatile bunch. We regularly work under tight deadlines, on limited budget, and with highly demanding clients. We enjoy making beautiful, creative work and therefore, pleasing the clients. There are however, questions and jobs that get repeatedly asked of us that are simply not feasible. Whether it be something that’s out

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What to Read: Just My Type

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I just finished Just My Type by Simon Garfield, “a book about fonts” as he claims on the cover. Yes, this is a book about fonts, but it’s also a book about marketing, psychology, and design. It’s way more entertaining than any book on fonts should be and for that I am grateful! I had

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The final crab themed wedding invite!

Missy and Jason’s Wedding Invites

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I was contacted by a former college classmate to design invites and other materials for her upcoming wedding. The best part…they were having a crab boil dinner and she really wanted to incorporate that into the design. How fun! So after some research and looking at more crab stock images than anyone ever should, I

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Final logo for Our Dream for Jeanie

Logo Design for Our Dream for Jeanie

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My friend Meg contacted me a few months ago to design a logo for her Alzheimer’s Team. It’s a cause near and dear to her heart as she lost her grandmother, who suffered from Alzheimer’s, several years ago and she participates in several walks to raise money and awareness as well as keep her grandma’s

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